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    shared: add "shared/nm-libnm-core-utils.h" utils · d0f1e68b
    Thomas Haller authored
    We have code in "shared/nm-utils" which are general purpose
    helpers, independent of "libnm", "libnm-core", "clients" and "src".
    We have shared code like "shared/nm-ethtool-utils.h" and
    "shared/nm-meta-setting.h", which is statically linked, shared
    code that contains libnm related helpers. But these helpers already
    have a specific use (e.g. they are related to ethtool or NMSetting
    Add a general purpose helper that:
     - depends (and extends) libnm-core
     - contains unrelated helpers
     - can be shared (meaning it will be statically linked).
     - this code can be used by any library user of "libnm.so"
       (nmcli, nm-applet) and by "libnm-core" itself. Thus, "src/"
       and "libnm/" may also use this code indirectly, via "libnm-core/".
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