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    libnm: pass connection to compare_property() function · b1344b6b
    Thomas Haller authored
    We have certain artificial properties that not only depend on one
    property alone or that depend on a property in another(!) setting.
    For that, we have synth_func.
    Other than that, synth_func and get_func are really fundamentally
    similar and should be merged. That is because the distinction whether a
    property value is "synthetized" or just based on a plain property is
    minor. It's better to have the general concept of "convert property to
    GVariant" in one form only.
    Note that compare_property() is by default implemented based
    on get_func. Hence, if get_func and synth_func get merged,
    compare_property() will also require access to the NMConnection.
    Also it makes some sense: some properties are artificial and actually
    stored in "another" setting of the connection. But still, the property
    descriptor for the property is in this setting. The example is the
    "bond.interface-name" which only exists on D-Bus. It's stored as
    I don't really like to say "exists on D-Bus only". It's still a valid
    property, despite in NMSetting it's stored somehow differently (or not
    at all). So, this is also just a regular property for which we have a
    property-info vtable.
    Does it make sense to compare such properties? Maybe. But the point is that
    compare_property() function needs sometimes access to the entire
    connection. So add the argument.
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