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disable wps in wpa supplicant if disabled in config

Georg Müller requested to merge (removed):ap-disable-wps into master

Currently, in AP mode, WPS is started by default and there is no possibility to disable it. The methods provided as WPS sources seem to differ from device to device. With some Wifi USB sticks running in AP mode, the WPS config methods contain "Keypad". Then, I get a pin entry dialog on Windows machines, even if no pin is configured.

This merge request wires the existing 802-11-wireless-security.wps-method with wpa_supplicant's configuration to allow disabling WPS.

wps_disabled was added to wpa_supplicant in version 2.6.

With this commit and 802-11-wireless-security.wps-method = disabled, no WPS beacon frames will be sent (only after restarting the connection, so the change is not live after nmcli con modify ....

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