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[th/dns-resolved-fix-exclusive] dns: fix handling default routing domains with systemd-resolved

Thomas Haller requested to merge th/dns-resolved-fix-exclusive into master
    We used to set "~." domains for all devices that should be used for
    resolving unknown domains.
    Systemd-resolved also supports setting "SetLinkDefaultRoute()".
    We should only set the wildcard domain if we want that this
    interface is used exclusively. Otherwise, we should only set
    DefaultRoute. See ([1], [2], [3]).
    Otherwise the bad effect is if other components (wg-quick) want
    to set exclusive DNS lookups on their link. That is achieved by
    explicitly adding "~." and that is also what resolved's
    `/usr/sbin/resolvconf -x` does. If NetworkManager sets "~." for
    interfaces that are not important and should not be used exclusively,
    then this steals the DNS requests from those external components.
    In NetworkManager we know whether a link should get exclusive lookups
    based on the "ipv[46].dns-priority" setting.

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