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Thomas Haller requested to merge th/ovs-external-ids-2 into master

Follow up for !673 (merged), to make actual use of [ovs-external-ids]

  • extend ./examples/python/gi/ also support Reapply (akin to nmcli device modify)

  • implement setting the external-ids

  • reapply is also supported. It will not remove external-ids that are added by somebody else.

  • initially I intended a different solution. Hence the commits that replace GArray with a CList (for calls) and to add a GCancellable. In the end, that code wasn't used, but as I already did it, I still submit it here. I think these changes are overall favorable, and would be useful in the future. After all, async operations naturally also need a way to be cancelled.

  • nmcli support is not planned for now. That is more work, which is why I added the examples script instead. Use that for testing.

  • add tests.

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