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[th/cloud-setup] Tool for configuring IP addresses in cloud

Thomas Haller requested to merge th/cloud-setup into master

As a description, let me adapt my email to Fedora's Cloud SIG...

This is a tool for configuring NetworkManager in cloud.

This is for example for configuring the secondary IP addresses on AWS/EC2 ([1], [2])

It's inspired by and serves a similar purpose as SuSE's cloud-netconfig ([3], [4]) and ec2-net-utils package on Amazon Linux ([5]).

The tool can be triggered via a systemd.timer and/or a NetworkManager dispatcher scripts. Then it fetches meta data from the Instance Metadata Service (thereby detecting whether it runs in a cloud environment). Finally it configures the networking using NetworkManager.

Currently it only supports EC2 and IPv4. But if the tool shows to be useful, it could be extended to also support other cloud providers (Azure).

See also rhbz#1642461.

The plan is that cloud images could install and enable the tool, so you boot a image and networking would just work.

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