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WIP: Add P2P Wireless support (Wi-Fi Direct)

Benjamin Berg requested to merge benzea/NetworkManager:wip/P2P into master

This is a work in progress branch to add P2P Wireless (Wi-Fi Direct) support.

The current implementation is incomplete in a number of regards:

  • Connection establishment requires connecting to a peer. The connection will be failed automatically if this peer disconnects (after 5 seconds).
  • Proper WFD support will require setting a global wpa_supplicant property. This does not seem easily fixable. That could result in some weird from NM if one has multiple Wi-Fi cards.
  • Information about the found P2P Groups is not available through NM
  • The symbol versions (and documentation) is currently wrong

Other notes:

  • The patchset creates a virtual P2PWireless device for every capable wireless device
  • Meaning of IP auto-configuration can be modified by the device class. Something like this is needed for proper P2P support, but the solution may be bad.
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