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doc: remove explanations about certificate schemes from nmcli

Íñigo Huguet requested to merge ih/802-1x_cert_doc into main


Remove explanations about certificate schemes from nmcli where they are not applicable.

Fixes: #1479 (closed)


The D-Bus and C APIs admit setting the 802.1X certificates as blobs, as the documentation of the properties explains. However, this is not possible from nmcli, where only path to the certificates' files is possible.

This difference in nmcli was explained in the description message that is shown in nmcli's editor, but this is a documentation that most users won't ever see, and still the main documentation in nm-settings-nmcli is missleading.

Add a nmcli specific documentation for the relevant properties and remove the nmcli's editor descriptions as they are no longer needed.


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