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meson: add runtime_dir option

Jan Vaclav requested to merge jv/meson-rundir into main


Adds a runtime_dir option to the meson options, which allows the user to specify the run directory.

This commit also changes it so that `/run` is set as the default run directory if building with /usr prefix.

Partially inspired by the implementation dbus uses to configure their runtime setup: dbus/dbus@ff92efa3

There is also another MR focusing on this area: !1673 (closed) but I think it makes more sense to be able to specify the full run path, instead of toggling between options, if we're going to add an option for it.

Related issue: #24 (closed)


Currently, there is no way to specify the run directory, and it always defaults to /var/run for builds of NM made with meson, even if it may be desired to use /run as the directory to store runtime files.


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