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wwan: Perform SLAAC and DNS assignment when IPv6 is set to auto method, even without address from the bearer

Pavel Valach requested to merge PaulosV/NetworkManager:wwan-ipv6-dhcp-fix into main


This allows IPv6 SLAAC for mobile broadband to be performed, even when no IPv6 address was passed by the bearer. The link-local address will be assigned, which currently does not happen automatically, and the SLAAC will thus be performed as well.

The MR also allows the static DNS assignment to be made when no IPv6 device address has been assigned yet. This is to be able to receive IPv6 DNS servers via signalling, where host SLAAC still needs to be performed for some modems (e.g. some huawei modems).


Closes #1440 (closed). Would be nice to have for mobile-broadband/ModemManager!1172.


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