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-Added additional initial eps bearer settings


-Added the following initial eps bearer settings (LTE) to APN dialog
*Allowed Auth
*APN Type Setting
This for the enablement of 5G sims which need the above settings.


This is related to the following tickets:

In Gnome control center:
---Merge Request

In NetworkManager:
Issue: #1490

Basically, the purpose of this merge request is to add additional initial eps bearer settings, which are needed for the setting
and enablement of 5G sims. One example is for the AU network 5G sim which is available in Japan.

This is to be used together with the APN setting in gnome-control-center (Gnome Settings). This would give the user of Gnome desktop to be able to configure 5G sim initial eps bearer APN settings.


Please read before opening the merge request. In particular, check that:

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  • the source is properly formatted
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