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manager: fix race condition while enumerating devices at startup

Beniamino Galvani requested to merge bg/link-rename-race-rhel25808 into main


While enumerating devices at startup, we take a snapshot of existing links from platform and we start creating device instances for them. It's possible that in the meantime, while processing netlink events in platform_link_added(), a link gets renamed. If that happens, then we have two different views of the same ifindex: the cached link from links and the link in platform.

This can cause issues: in platform_link_added() we create the device with the cached name; then in NMDevice's constructor(), we look up from platform the ifindex for the given name. Because of the rename, this lookup can match a newly created, different link.

The end result is that the ifindex from the initial snapshot doesn't get a NMDevice and is not handled by NetworkManager.

Fix this problem by fetching the latest version of the link from platform to make sure we have a consistent view of the state.



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