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sriov: add support to configure the NIC's eswitch settings via Devlink

Íñigo Huguet requested to merge ih/eswitch_mode into main


Add support to configure the NIC's eswitch settings via Devlink.


Add 3 new parameters to the sriov setting that allow to configure the NIC's eswitch parameters mode, inline-mode and encap-mode as you can do with devlink dev eswitch set .... Mainly, this allows to switch between "legacy SR-IOV" and "switchdev" mode.

An important thing to note is that all the current hardware implements one eswitch per PF. However, devlink has been designed to support the possibility to have one eswitch for various PFs of one NIC. As there is no hardware that supports that yet and it is not clear how would we implement that in NetworkManager, for the moment add support only for the "one eswitch per PF" model.

NetworkManager-ci!1618 (closed)


Note: I have built this MR on top of !1861 (merged). I will rebase when that one is merged.


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