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[th/udev-auto-link-local-only] honor ID_NET_AUTO_LINK_LOCAL_ONLY udev property

Thomas Haller requested to merge th/udev-auto-link-local-only into main

We honored "NM_AUTO_DEFAULT_LINK_LOCAL_ONLY" udev property, for when we generate a "Wired connection 1" (aka the "auto-default connection").

Systemd now also honors and may set ID_NET_AUTO_LINK_LOCAL_ONLY for a similar purpose. Honore that too.

The NM specific variable still is preferred, also because "NM_AUTO_DEFAULT_LINK_LOCAL_ONLY" is about something very NetworkManager specific (controlling "Wired connection 1").

Maybe one day, we should drop "data/90-nm-thunderbolt.rules" and only rely on what systemd provides. But not yet.

Also adds support for ID_NET_MANAGED_BY=. See

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