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[th/minmax] improve NM_MIN()/NM_MAX() macros and use them everywhere

Thomas Haller requested to merge th/minmax into main

I think glib's MIN()/MAX() macros should not be used. Instead, our variant should be used because:

  • it evaluates arguments exactly once (make it more function like, and behave correctly when arguments have side effects).
  • has a compile time assert that arguments have the same signedness.

Previously, NM_MIN()/NM_MAX() could not be used in a static context. That is fixed by this branch using __builtin_choose_expr().

-- except, there are a very few places where NM_MIN()/NM_MAX() still doesn't work. In those places, use NM_MIN_CONST()/NM_MAX_CONST() instead, which has static assertions that the arguments are compile time constants and have the same signedness.

Improve those macros and use NM_MIN()/NM_MAX() instead of MIN()/MAX().

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