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[th/g-clear-pointer] glib-aux: reimplement g_clear_pointer() from glib 2.58+ in "nm-glib.h" compat header

Thomas Haller requested to merge th/g-clear-pointer into main

Glib 2.58+ improved the implementation of the g_clear_pointer() macro, and indirectly of g_clear_object(), which uses it.

Note that we don't use the 2.58+ version, because our GLIB_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED is too old.

Also note that we don't use g_clear_pointer() directly. Instead, we have and use nm_clear_pointer() everywhere.

Still, it would be nice if also g_clear_object() uses the improved variant. Arguably, this is less relevant, because g_clear_object() calls g_unref_object() which accepts a void pointer and thus there isn't much type-safety to gain. Still, there is a small gain, so do it.

We could:

  1. replace all uses of g_clear_object() with nm_clear_g_object() and outlaw both g_clear_object() and g_clear_pointer(). This is what's done for nm_clear_pointer(), which should be used instead of g_clear_pointer(). The advantage is that we don't monkey-patch glib (which might surprise users). The disadvantage is that g_clear_pointer() is well known, while nm_clear_pointer() is not. This is mitigated by the fact that nm_clear_pointer() behaves very similar to g_clear_pointer() and in all cases where you legally could use g_clear_pointer(), nm_clear_pointer() works to the same effect (but not vice versa).

  2. silently redefine the glib helper to use our improved implementation. This is done for g_clear_error(), which is redefined to nm_clear_error(). The advantage is that it appears as if we would use glib functionality. The disadvantage is that this is not exactly the glib variant. This too is mitigated by the fact that our patched g_clear_error() should work the same, wherever you can legally use glib's variant (but not vice versa).

Let's do 2).

In this case, let g_clear_pointer() behaves exactly like glib 2.58+'s variant, and not like nm_clear_pointer(). This is to reduce any potential surprise.

nm_clear_pointer() is still better. Still use that over g_clear_pointer(). This change is for g_clear_object().

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