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[th/update-to-fedora37] update gitlab-ci to Fedora 37 and update used clang-format-version + reformat

Thomas Haller requested to merge th/update-to-fedora37 into main

as time goes by, new Fedora releases happen. Now Fedora 37 is out.

In our gitlab-ci we have various distros, but one of them is special because:

Update that image from F36 to F37.

Also, this must agree with the used clang-format version. Unfortunately, the output of clang-format depends on its version, so we must all agree to use the same version. So far, the version was the one from Fedora 36.

As we update the base image for the check-tree step, it uses now clang-format 15.0.4-1.fc37. We need to account for that.

It's also, that by now the majority of the code developers switched to Fedora 37 too. So additionally, we want that on the developer machine (which now happens to be Fedora 37) ./contrib/scripts/ does the right thing.

This also requires reformatting the entire source tree with the new clang-format. Fortunately, the difference is small:

28 files changed, 128 insertions(+), 126 deletions(-)

Theoretically, the same what is said about clang-format also applies to python-black. Fortunately, the new black version behaves just the same as the previous one, so nobody needs to care about the difference. In the past that was not always the case. Black seems more stable and it probably has an easier job formatting Python (Python maybe having a simpler style and black being opinionated to follow PEP8 -- meaning, it's almost not configurable). Hopefully, one day clang-format will be as stable and newer versions don't change behavior. So far, this is a repeating annoyance.

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