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cli: provide cues when a connection uses deprecated features (WEP in particular, but also WiMax)

Lubomir Rintel requested to merge lr/wep-cli into main

This makes it more obvious in client when a feature that will not work (now or in future) is being used. The motivation is to phase out WEP nicely.

To keep this simple this does not impose any policy decisions, nor is configurable (contrary to what i've suggested before).

The policy on whether a connection activation will succeed or not is left to the daemon. For WEP the idea is to delegate the decision further to the supplicant while also provide a reasonable error handling. !1138 (merged)

THe lack of configurability is due to the fact that WEP is going away everywhere, regardless of whether it is enabled at the moment (Fedora 36) or not (RHEL 9).

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