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    core: let nm_utils_secret_key_read() handle failures internally · dbcb1d6d
    Thomas Haller authored
    and add nm_utils_secret_key_get() to cache the secret-key, to only
    obtain it once.
    nm_utils_secret_key_read() is not expected to fail. However, in case
    of an unexpected error, don't propagate the error to the caller,
    but instead handle it internally.
    That means, in case of error:
      - log a warning within nm_utils_secret_key_read() itself.
      - always return a generated secret-key. In case of error, the
        key won't be persisted (obviously). But the caller can ignore
        the error and just proceed with an in-memory key.
    Hence, also add nm_utils_secret_key_get() to cache the key. This way,
    we only try to actually generate/read the secret-key once.  Since that
    might fail and return an in-memory key, we must for future invocations
    return the same key, without generating a new one.
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