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    libnm-core: drop NMParamSpecSpecialized, add nm_property_compare() · ca9938f4
    Dan Winship authored
    NMParamSpecSpecialized existed basically to provide a version of
    GParamSpecBoxed that could compare dbus-glib-valued properties
    However, g_param_values_cmp() was only used by NM directly in one
    place (NMSetting's compare_property()), and we don't actually need to
    indirect through GParamSpec there; we could just call
    NMParamSpecSpecialized's value-comparison function directly.
    So, change all NMParamSpecSpecialized properties to GParamSpecBoxed,
    rename the _gvalues_compare() function it used to
    "nm_property_compare()", and use that from NMSetting.
    (g_param_values_cmp() also gets used internally by
    g_param_value_defaults(), but all NMParamSpecSpecialized properties
    have a default value of NULL, so GParamSpecBoxed's pointer-equality
    check will do the job just fine there.)
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