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    systemd: split "nm-sd.h" out of "nm-sd-adapt.h" · aed3c810
    Thomas Haller authored
    Now we have:
    "nm-sd.h" is a header file of NetworkManager with utilities
    related to systemd. It can be used anywhere freely.
    Also, systemd headers that are considered public API (like
    "sd-event.h") can be used without restrictions.
    When compiling the systemd sources, we always must include
    "nm-sd-adapt.h" as first. Similarly, systemd headers must
    not include "nm-sd-adapt.h", because they are either public
    (in which case the adapter is not needed) or they are internal
    (in which case they are themself included via a systemd source).
    Sometimes, we must internal API (like "dhcp-lease-internal.h").
    In this case, we also must include "nm-sd-adapt.h".
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