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    libnm-glib/libnm/vpn: fix handling of ConnectInteractive() failure (rh #1298732) · abc700c5
    Dan Williams authored
    If the plugin supports interactive mode, but the VPN binary (like vpnc
    or openvpn) doesn't support it, then the plugin should return
    NM_VPN_PLUGIN_ERROR_INTERACTIVE_NOT_SUPPORTED from its connect_interactive()
    hook.  This lets NetworkManager know to fall back to plain Connect().
    Since this notification is done through an error return, the VPN service
    plugin code sees the failure and moves the plugin state back to
    STOPPED.  NetworkManager sees that state change, and terminates the
    connection attempt while waiting for a reply to the Connect() method.
    (VPN service plugins that don't support interactive mode at all don't
    have this problem because that error is returned before the plugin's
    state is moved to STARTING.)
    To fix this, do two things:
    1) if the connect_interactive() hook fails and returns the error
    state change for a few seconds to allow NM time to fall back to
    plain Connect().  We still want to move the plugin state back to
    STOPPED eventually, because otherwise it could stay in STARTING
    2) change state to STARTING only if the connect/connect_interactive
    plugin hooks were successful.  Otherwise the plugin would still be
    in STARTING state, and it's not valid to call Connect()/ConnectInteractive()
    during the STARTING state.
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