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    platform: fix handling of fq_codel's memory limit default value · a9d64925
    Thomas Haller authored
    The memory-limit is an unsigned integer. It is ugly (if not wrong) to compare unsigned
    values with "-1". When comparing with the default value we must also use an u32 type.
    Note that like iproute2 we treat NM_PLATFORM_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT_UNSET
    to indicate to not set TCA_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT in RTM_NEWQDISC. This
    special value is entirely internal to NetworkManager (or iproute2) and
    kernel will then choose a default memory limit (of 32MB). So setting
    NM_PLATFORM_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT_UNSET means to leave it to kernel to
    choose a value (which then chooses 32MB).
    See kernel's net/sched/sch_fq_codel.c:
        static int fq_codel_init(struct Qdisc *sch, struct nlattr *opt,
                                 struct netlink_ext_ack *extack)
                q->memory_limit = 32 << 20; /* 32 MBytes */
        static int fq_codel_change(struct Qdisc *sch, struct nlattr *opt,
                                   struct netlink_ext_ack *extack)
                if (tb[TCA_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT])
                        q->memory_limit = min(1U << 31, nla_get_u32(tb[TCA_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT]));
    Note that not having zero as default value is problematic. In fields like
    "NMPlatformIP4Route.table_coerced" and "NMPlatformRoutingRule.suppress_prefixlen_inverse"
    we avoid this problem by storing a coerced value in the structure so that zero is still
    the default. We don't do that here for memory-limit, so the caller must always explicitly
    set the value.
    (cherry picked from commit 46a90438)
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