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    platform/netlink: simplify socket flags and use boolean fields · 9cd986ba
    Thomas Haller authored
    - replace "s_flags" field by explicit boolean fields.
    - "s_msg_peek" now is simplified. Previously, we would default
      to peek, unless the user caller nl_socket_disable_msg_peek()
      or set nl_socket_set_msg_buf_size(). Simplify that. We now
      default to peek, unless NL_SOCKET_FLAGS_DISABLE_MSG_PEEK is set.
      We have no callers that call nl_socket_set_msg_buf_size(),
      so we can simplify that logic and just enable peeking by default.
    - keep "s_auto_ack" field, although it is always TRUE and there
      is no API to toggle that. However, it is kept as a self-documenting
      thing, so we would know the relevant places where auto-ack matters.
    - drop nl_socket_disable_msg_peek(). We have no caller of this function
      and we can set peeking in nl_socket_new(). We also don't need to
      change it after creation of the socket.