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    Add more detailed explanations for users, contributors and maintainers · 5481ba15
    Íñigo Huguet authored and Íñigo Huguet's avatar Íñigo Huguet committed
    As this document is mainly for normal users, and in Gitlab it's
    displayed by default, it's the main entry point to get information when
    someone get into the repo, either via web or cloned.
    Added explanations about how to install and use NM and how to find the
    documentation for users. Added brief info about how to report issues
    and ask for help, with links to to get more details.
    Added brief link for potential contributors to read
    People not familiar with open source projects might not be aware of it.
    Deleted the "moved to freedesktop" message. After 15 years, people might
    know yet.
    Added brief explanation about the free software license.
    Added a link to the list of all communication channels, only mailing
    list and IRC were listed.
    Added detailed explanation about how to report issues and attach logs.
    It also references the new tool
    Added brief guid...