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    core: pass NMDedupMultiIndex instance to NMIP4Config and other · 89385bd9
    Thomas Haller authored
    NMIP4Config, NMIP6Config, and NMPlatform shall share one
    NMDedupMultiIndex instance.
    For that, pass an NMDedupMultiIndex instance to NMPlatform and NMNetns.
    NMNetns than passes it on to NMDevice, NMDhcpClient, NMIP4Config and NMIP6Config.
    So currently NMNetns is the access point to the shared NMDedupMultiIndex
    instance, and it gets it from it's NMPlatform instance.
    The NMDedupMultiIndex instance is really a singleton, we don't want
    multiple instances of it. However, for testing, instead of adding a
    singleton instance, pass the instance explicitly around.
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