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    netlink: drop libnl3 dependency · 3fab322a
    Thomas Haller authored
    From libnl3, we only used the helper function to parse/generate netlink
    messages and the socket functions to send/receive messages. We don't
    need an external dependency to do that, it is simple enough.
    Drop the libnl3 dependency, and replace all missing code by directly
    copying it from libnl3 sources. At this point, I mostly tried to
    import the required bits to make it working with few modifications.
    Note that this increases the binary size of NetworkManager by 4736 bytes
    for contrib/rpm build on x86_64. In the future, we can simplify the code
    A few modifications from libnl3 are:
    - netlink errors NLE_* are now in the domain or regular errno.
      The distinction of having to bother with two kinds of error
      number domains was annoying.
    - parts of the callback handling is copied partially and unused parts
      are dropped. Especially, the verbose/debug handlers are not used.
      In following commits, the callback handling will be significantly
    - the complex handling of seleting ports was simplified. We now always
      let kernel choose the right port automatically.
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