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    core: fix handling IPv6 device-route and use correct route metric · 03e1cc96
    Thomas Haller authored
    Before commit 6698bf58, we would rely on
    kernel to add the device-route for manual IPv6 routes. We broke that and now
    kernel would still add the device-route, however nm_platform_ip_route_sync()
    would delete it immediately after.
    That is because previously nm_platform_ip_route_sync() would ignore routes
    with rtm_protocol RTPRO_KERNEL. Now, it will sync and delete those too.
    Fix that by adding the device-route like we do it for IPv4. This also
    fixes an actual issue where the automatically added route always had
    route-metric 256. Instead, we now use the metric from ipv6.route-metric
    Fixes: 6698bf58
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