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intel/compiler: add ability to override shader's assembly

Danylo Piliaiev requested to merge feature/shader-asm-override into master

When dumping shader's assembly with INTEL_DEBUG=vs,tcs,... sha1 of the resulting assembly is also printed, having environment variable INTEL_SHADER_ASM_READ_PATH present driver will try to load a "%sha1%.bin" file from the path and substitute current assembly with the one from the file.

The file with the assembly could be generated e.g. with:

./i965_asm --gen=kbl --type=bin test.txt -o 8a6b2ec7dbcf81f962a190408cb47931d20cc148.bin

The main current limitation is that one should be careful with jip offsets when changing the assembly especially with the instruction compaction (better use 'nocompact' debug option).

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