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st/mesa: fix PBO download for TEXTURE_1D_ARRAY textures

Fixes 'nir_tex_src_coord' param was provided to NIR 'txf' operation as a vec3 for TEXTURE_1D_ARRAY target, causing an assert. Only following targets require vec3: TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY, TEXTURE_3D, TEXTURE_CUBE, TEXTURE_CUBE_ARRAY. The rest must use vec2.

Packing layer value into Y-coordinate the same way it was done in 'create_fs' in commit 2bf6dfac.

Fixes: a01ad311 ("st/mesa: Add NIR versions of the PBO upload/download shaders. ")

Signed-off-by: Yevhenii Kharchenko

Edited by Yevhenii Kharchenko

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