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    Merge tag 'v1.94.5' into tod · 082b3353
    Marco Trevisan authored
     * New driver: fpcmoc, supporting various FPC MOC Fingerprint Sensors
     * goodixmoc: New PIDs 0x6014, 0x6094, 0x631C, 0x634C, 0x6384, 0x659A.
     * goodixmoc: Support resetting device on firmware failure due to corrupted DB.
     * elanmoc: New PIDs 0x0c88, 0x0c8c, 0x0c8d.
     * synaptics: New PID 0x0104.
     * upektc: New PID 0x2017.
     * Fixed various memory leaks
     * More tests
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: a36e4b627ffc830a78932266119b73e53921965990bd1b6cae6fd8d166b1b8e62f5a538151a74b82a2a2d83a4ab7399ed17cb2bef39441f881a38a24252e4efa