Commit 6538b938 authored by Yiwei Zhang's avatar Yiwei Zhang
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i965: remove redundant forcing sharable for __DRI_IMAGE_BUFFER_SHARED

The buffer is now guaranteed to be sharable after commit f61337b5

Signed-off-by: Yiwei Zhang's avatarYiwei Zhang <>
parent 89b4f337
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......@@ -1871,12 +1871,8 @@ brw_update_image_buffer(struct brw_context *intel,
last_mt = rb->singlesample_mt;
if (last_mt && last_mt->bo == buffer->bo) {
if (buffer_type == __DRI_IMAGE_BUFFER_SHARED) {
brw_miptree_make_shareable(intel, last_mt);
if (last_mt && last_mt->bo == buffer->bo)
/* Only allow internal compression if samples == 0. For multisampled
* window system buffers, the only thing the single-sampled buffer is used
......@@ -1905,35 +1901,6 @@ brw_update_image_buffer(struct brw_context *intel,
rb->Base.Base.NumSamples > 1) {
brw_renderbuffer_upsample(intel, rb);
if (buffer_type == __DRI_IMAGE_BUFFER_SHARED) {
/* The compositor and the application may access this image
* concurrently. The display hardware may even scanout the image while
* the GPU is rendering to it. Aux surfaces cause difficulty with
* concurrent access, so permanently disable aux for this miptree.
* Perhaps we could improve overall application performance by
* re-enabling the aux surface when EGL_RENDER_BUFFER transitions to
* EGL_BACK_BUFFER, then disabling it again when EGL_RENDER_BUFFER
* returns to EGL_SINGLE_BUFFER. I expect the wins and losses with this
* approach to be highly dependent on the application's GL usage.
* I [chadv] expect clever disabling/reenabling to be counterproductive
* in the use cases I care about: applications that render nearly
* realtime handwriting to the surface while possibly undergiong
* simultaneously scanout as a display plane. The app requires low
* render latency. Even though the app spends most of its time in
* shared-buffer mode, it also frequently transitions between
* shared-buffer (EGL_SINGLE_BUFFER) and double-buffer (EGL_BACK_BUFFER)
* mode. Visual sutter during the transitions should be avoided.
* In this case, I [chadv] believe reducing the GPU workload at
* shared-buffer/double-buffer transitions would offer a smoother app
* experience than any savings due to aux compression. But I've
* collected no data to prove my theory.
brw_miptree_make_shareable(intel, mt);
static void
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