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# Release process
## Update the code
Follow the instructions in `` to update the code.
## Update the package version
If there is no API breakage, update the minor version (X.y -> X.y+1). If there
is API breakage, update the major version (X.y -> X+1.0).
## Make sure builds are successful on all platforms
There is CI for `x86_64` and `aarch64` builds, but 32-bit ARM and MIPS builds
need manual verfification (or testing downstream).
## Tag the release
Tag the release with:
git tag -s -m 'WebRTC AudioProcessing v<X.y>' v<X.y>
## Make a tarball
git archive --format 'tar.gz' \
--prefix webrtc-audio-processing-X.y -9 vX.y \
> webrtc-audio-processing-X.y.tar.gz
## Checksum the tarball
sha256sum webrtc-audio-processing-X.y.tar.gz \
> webrtc-audio-processing-X.y.tar.gz.sha256
## Publish the files
scp webrtc-audio-processing-*.tar.* \
## Push the tag
git push origin master
git push origin vX.y
## Update the website
This is currently an embarrassing manual process.
## Send out a release announcement
This goes to the `pulseaudio-discuss` and `gstreamer-devel` mailing lists, and
possibly `discuss-webrtc` if it seems relevant.
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