Commit d3811ca5 authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali
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gst-inspect: Remove redundant plugin name from output

When printing info about a specific plugin, there is no need to prefix
some of the details with plugin's name. It's not only redundant but also
inconsistent and makes the task of adding consistent coloring to the
output (which we'll do in a follow patch), harder.
parent a3abe8b9
......@@ -1290,15 +1290,14 @@ print_plugin_features (GstPlugin * plugin)
if (extensions) {
guint i = 0;
g_print (" %s: %s: ", gst_plugin_get_name (plugin),
gst_plugin_feature_get_name (feature));
g_print (" %s: ", gst_plugin_feature_get_name (feature));
while (extensions[i]) {
g_print ("%s%s", i > 0 ? ", " : "", extensions[i]);
g_print ("\n");
} else
g_print (" %s: %s: no extensions\n", gst_plugin_get_name (plugin),
g_print (" %s: no extensions\n",
gst_plugin_feature_get_name (feature));
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