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    Change FormatValue related API to be more convenient to use · c99928d0
    Sebastian Dröge authored
    FormatValue is now renamed to GenericFormattedValue and the API slightly
    changed. In addition there is now a FormattedValue trait, and a
    SpecificFormattedValue trait plus types for Bytes, Buffers and the
    existing ClockTime.
    This allows to create functions like
      Pad::query_duration<F: SpecificFormattedValue>() -> Option<F>
    and doesn't require the caller to unwrap the generic value anymore,
    which is completely unneeded in these cases.
    In addition, Segment became FormattedSegment<T> with API to
    upcast/downcast between the specific formatted values and the generic
    formatted value. This greatly simplifies usage of Segments.
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