Commit be9ef0d1 authored by François Laignel's avatar François Laignel Committed by Sebastian Dröge

Tags: implement generic iterators

This is the continuation of PR #107 by @ystreet
parent 2e1f1ead
......@@ -311,3 +311,23 @@ impl Ord for ::Rank {
#[derive(Clone, Copy, Debug, Eq, PartialEq, Hash)]
pub enum TagError {
impl fmt::Display for TagError {
fn fmt(&self, f: &mut fmt::Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
write!(f, "Tag error: {}", self.description())
impl Error for TagError {
fn description(&self) -> &str {
match *self {
TagError::TypeMismatch => "The value type doesn't match with the specified Tag",
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ pub use child_proxy::ChildProxyExtManual;
pub use clock_time::ClockTime;
pub use device_provider::DeviceProviderExtManual;
pub use enums::{ClockError, ClockSuccess, FlowError, FlowSuccess, PadLinkError, PadLinkSuccess,
StateChangeError, StateChangeSuccess};
StateChangeError, StateChangeSuccess, TagError};
pub use gobject::GObjectExtManualGst;
pub use pad::{PadExtManual, PadProbeData, PadProbeId, PadProbeInfo};
pub use parse_context::ParseContext;
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