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......@@ -266,3 +266,73 @@ Layout of the audio samples for the different channels.
interleaved audio
<!-- enum AudioLayout::variant NonInterleaved -->
non-interleaved audio
<!-- struct StreamVolume -->
This interface is implemented by elements that provide a stream volume. Examples for
such elements are `volume` and `playbin`.
Applications can use this interface to get or set the current stream volume. For this
the "volume" `gobject::Object` property can be used or the helper functions `StreamVolume::set_volume`
and `StreamVolume::get_volume`. This volume is always a linear factor, i.e. 0.0 is muted
1.0 is 100%. For showing the volume in a GUI it might make sense to convert it to
a different format by using `StreamVolume::convert_volume`. Volume sliders should usually
use a cubic volume.
Separate from the volume the stream can also be muted by the "mute" `gobject::Object` property or
`StreamVolume::set_mute` and `StreamVolume::get_mute`.
Elements that provide some kind of stream volume should implement the "volume" and
"mute" `gobject::Object` properties and handle setting and getting of them properly.
The volume property is defined to be a linear volume factor.
# Implements
<!-- trait StreamVolumeExt -->
Trait containing all `StreamVolume` methods.
# Implementors
<!-- impl StreamVolume::fn convert_volume -->
## `from`
`StreamVolumeFormat` to convert from
## `to`
`StreamVolumeFormat` to convert to
## `val`
Volume in `from` format that should be converted
# Returns
the converted volume
<!-- trait StreamVolumeExt::fn get_mute -->
# Returns
Returns `true` if the stream is muted
<!-- trait StreamVolumeExt::fn get_volume -->
## `format`
`StreamVolumeFormat` which should be returned
# Returns
The current stream volume as linear factor
<!-- trait StreamVolumeExt::fn set_mute -->
## `mute`
Mute state that should be set
<!-- trait StreamVolumeExt::fn set_volume -->
## `format`
`StreamVolumeFormat` of `val`
## `val`
Linear volume factor that should be set
<!-- enum StreamVolumeFormat -->
Different representations of a stream volume. `StreamVolume::convert_volume`
allows to convert between the different representations.
Formulas to convert from a linear to a cubic or dB volume are
cbrt(val) and 20 * log10 (val).
<!-- enum StreamVolumeFormat::variant Linear -->
Linear scale factor, 1.0 = 100%
<!-- enum StreamVolumeFormat::variant Cubic -->
Cubic volume scale
<!-- enum StreamVolumeFormat::variant Db -->
Logarithmic volume scale (dB, amplitude not power)
......@@ -113,9 +113,6 @@ If accurate seeking is disabled, elements will seek as close as the request
position without slowing down seeking too much.
Accurate seeking is disabled by default.
Feature: `v1_12`
## `accurate`
accurate seek or not
<!-- impl Player::fn get_audio_video_offset -->
......@@ -500,33 +497,21 @@ Application can use gst_sample_*`_` API's to get caps, buffer etc.
GstSample or NULL.
<!-- trait PlayerMediaInfoExt::fn get_number_of_audio_streams -->
Feature: `v1_12`
# Returns
number of audio streams.
<!-- trait PlayerMediaInfoExt::fn get_number_of_streams -->
Feature: `v1_12`
# Returns
number of total streams.
<!-- trait PlayerMediaInfoExt::fn get_number_of_subtitle_streams -->
Feature: `v1_12`
# Returns
number of subtitle streams.
<!-- trait PlayerMediaInfoExt::fn get_number_of_video_streams -->
Feature: `v1_12`
# Returns
number of video streams.
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