1. 29 Jan, 2018 4 commits
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      Event & Message: factorize common attributes in generic builders · da924e5d
      François Laignel authored
      Concrete events and messages share common attributes which can be factorized in generic builder `struct`s. This reduces noise in the concrete implementations.
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      Event, Message & Query: allow dereferencing concrete types to access generic type methods · 2d1218e6
      François Laignel authored
      Implement `deref` for concrete derivatives of `Event`, `Message` and `Query`. This allows accessing generic methods such as `is_sticky` for events, `get_seqnum` for messages or `is_serialized` for queries and `get_structure` for all.
    • François Laignel's avatar
      MessageBuilder: comment out other_fields related methods until GStreamer v1.14 is released · 86812c1a
      François Laignel authored
      These methods are commented out in order to maintain consistency between messages with and without arguments. It will be restored and conditioned to feature "v1_14" when GStreamer v1.14 is released.
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      Fix building argument-less messages · 3c65a500
      François Laignel authored
      Building an argument-less message such as eos yields an assertion failure due to the inner structure being null. The short term solution consists in checking that the inner `structure` is not `null` before attempting to insert `other_fields`. The consequence is that `others_fields` defined for argument-less messages will be ignored. A correction will be applied when GStreamer 1.14 is released thank to the introduction of `gst_message_writable_structure` (see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=792928). Due to the dependency on GStreamer 1.14, the correction will be only available under the activation of a feature "v1_14".
      Events are not affected as the build method the availability of `gst_event_writable_structure` and this function "will never return NULL". However, we can avoid a `structure` allocation for argument-less messages without `other_fields`.
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      Add VideoFrameRef API · 899be5e2
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      This is like VideoFrame, but can work on gst::BufferRefs and borrows
      from it. VideoFrames can be converted into this by borrowing.
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