Commit c5617f6a authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes 🐐 Committed by Sebastian Dröge

WIP: test Structure string conversions

parent 2fe92592
......@@ -694,4 +694,15 @@ mod tests {
assert_eq!(s.get::<&str>("f2").unwrap(), "bcd");
assert_eq!(s.get::<i32>("f3").unwrap(), 123i32);
fn test_string_conversion() {
let a = "Test, f1=(string)abc, f2=(uint)123";
let s = Structure::from_string(&a).unwrap();
assert_eq!(s.get::<&str>("f1").unwrap(), "abc");
assert_eq!(s.get::<u32>("f2").unwrap(), 123);
assert_eq!(a, s.to_string());
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