Commit 0eb6bcf0 authored by François Laignel's avatar François Laignel Committed by Sebastian Dröge

serde: restrain unneeded visibilities

parent 68263ffc
......@@ -80,39 +80,39 @@ mod value;
pub use value::*;
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod value_serde;
mod value_serde;
pub mod structure;
pub use structure::{Structure, StructureRef};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod structure_serde;
mod structure_serde;
pub mod caps;
pub use caps::{Caps, CapsRef};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod caps_serde;
mod caps_serde;
pub mod tags;
pub use tags::{Tag, TagList, TagListRef};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod tags_serde;
mod tags_serde;
pub mod buffer;
pub use buffer::{
Buffer, BufferMap, BufferRef, MappedBuffer, BUFFER_COPY_ALL, BUFFER_COPY_METADATA,
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod buffer_serde;
mod buffer_serde;
pub mod sample;
pub use sample::{Sample, SampleRef};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod sample_serde;
mod sample_serde;
pub mod bufferlist;
pub use bufferlist::{BufferList, BufferListRef};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod bufferlist_serde;
mod bufferlist_serde;
pub mod query;
pub use query::{Query, QueryRef, QueryView};
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ cfg_if! {
mod child_proxy;
mod clock_time;
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod clock_time_serde;
mod clock_time_serde;
mod date_time;
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
mod date_time_serde;
......@@ -215,17 +215,17 @@ pub use typefind::*;
pub mod format;
pub use format::{FormattedValue, GenericFormattedValue, SpecificFormattedValue};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod format_serde;
mod format_serde;
mod segment;
pub use segment::*;
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod segment_serde;
mod segment_serde;
pub mod toc;
pub use toc::{Toc, TocEntry, TocEntryRef, TocRef};
#[cfg(feature = "ser_de")]
pub(crate) mod toc_serde;
mod toc_serde;
mod clock;
pub use clock::{ClockExtManual, ClockId};
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ macro_rules! impl_tag(
lazy_static! {
pub static ref $rust_tag: &'static str =
pub(crate) static ref $rust_tag: &'static str =
unsafe { CStr::from_ptr(ffi::$gst_tag).to_str().unwrap() };
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