Commit 2c873894 authored by Miloslav Trmač's avatar Miloslav Trmač

Fix duplicate GError use when "uid" is missing

Some GLib versions complain loudly about this.

To reproduce, call e.g. RegisterAuthenticationAgent with the following
("unix-process", {"pid": __import__('gi.repository.GLib', globals(),
locals(), ['Variant']).Variant("u", 1), "start-time":
__import__('gi.repository.GLib', globals(), locals(),
['Variant']).Variant("t", 1)}), "cs", "/"
parent 2a6aa19c
......@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@ polkit_subject_new_for_gvariant (GVariant *variant,
start_time = g_variant_get_uint64 (v);
g_variant_unref (v);
v = lookup_asv (details_gvariant, "uid", G_VARIANT_TYPE_INT32, error);
v = lookup_asv (details_gvariant, "uid", G_VARIANT_TYPE_INT32, NULL);
if (v != NULL)
uid = g_variant_get_int32 (v);
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