Commit 18d97c95 authored by Miloslav Trmač's avatar Miloslav Trmač

Add a FIXME to polkitprivate.h

See discussion in .
parent 2717d859
......@@ -28,6 +28,16 @@
#include "polkitauthorizationresult.h"
#include "polkittemporaryauthorization.h"
/* FIXME: This header file is currently installed among other public header
files, and the symbols are exported in the shared library.
For application writers: relying on any function here is strongly
For polkit maintainers: This should be made private if a large ABI break
were necessary in the future. In the meantime, consider that there is
non-zero risk that changing these functions might break some applications. */
PolkitActionDescription *polkit_action_description_new_for_gvariant (GVariant *value);
GVariant *polkit_action_description_to_gvariant (PolkitActionDescription *action_description);
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