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This is polkit 0.114.
Port to mozjs 52, the latest version of the firefox JavaScript engine.
Add gettext support for policy files
Fixes for various memory leaks
Build requirements
glib, gobject, gio >= 2.30
mozjs185 or mozjs-17.0
glib, gobject, gio >= 2.32
gobject-introspection >= 0.6.2 (optional)
pam (optional)
ConsoleKit OR systemd
Changes since polkit 0.113:
Anders Jonsson (2):
pkcheck: fix man typos
Add Swedish translation
Antoine Jacoutot (1):
Add support for OpenBSD
Christian Kirbach (1):
Add German translation
Colin Walters (3):
build: Pull in GCC warning infra from ostree
tests: Correct boundary test for overflow
Dariusz Gadomski (2):
Fix multi-line pam text info.
Refactor send_to_helper usage
Gabor Kelemen (1):
Add initial Hungarian translation, and add hu to LINGUAS
Jeremy Linton (5):
change mozjs interface module to c++
Switch to hard requiring mozjs24
Fix warnings caused by building with C++
Replace autocompartment
test: Add a test case to handle actions without explicit rules
Jiří Klimeš (1):
trivial: fix deprecated indication for polkit_agent_register_listener()
Matthias Clasen (1):
Add gettext support for .policy files
Miloslav Trmač (21):
Post-release version bump to 0.114
Consistently use HAVE_NETGROUP_H instead of HAVE_OPENBSD
Fix a memory leak of PolkitAgentListener's Server object
Remove polkitbackendconfigsource.[ch]
Add Slovak translation by Dusan Kazik <>
Add Indonesian translation by Andika Triwidada
Add Chinese (Taiwan) translation
Fix a typo in polkit(8)
Simplify GVariant reference counting
Fix a memory leak on an error path of lookup_asv (twice)
Fix a memory leak in server_handle_register_authentication_agent_with_options
Fix a memory leak in server_handle_unregister_authentication_agent
Fix a memory leak in server_handle_authentication_agent_response{,2}
Fix memory leaks in server_handle_*_temporary_authorizations
Fix error handling in polkit_authority_enumerate_temporary_authorizations_finish
Fix a memory leak per agent authentication
Fix a memory leak on agent authentication cancellation
Audit and fix GVariant reference counting
Fix help for (pkttyagent -s)
Fix a race condition when terminating runaway_killer_thread
Move to current GLib
Mingye Wang (Arthur2e5) (1):
Add zh_CN translation
Muhammet Kara (1):
Added Turkish translation
OBATA Akio (1):
Add support for NetBSD
Peter Hutterer (1):
gettext: switch to default-translate "no"
Philip Withnall (3):
polkit: Add g_autoptr() support for GObject-derived polkit types
data: Set GIO_USE_VFS=local in the environment
polkitbackend: Fix typos in a couple of initialisation error messages
Piotr Drąg (1):
Add Polish translation
Rafael Fontenelle (1):
Add Brazilian Portuguese translation
Ray Strode (34):
configure: bump mozjs requirement to 52
jsauthority: fix how classes are defined
jsauthority: use JS_FN instead of JS_FS
jsauthority: get rid of JSRuntime
jsauthority: change how setVersion is called
jsauthority: call JS_Init
jsauthority: call JS_InitSelfHostedCode
jsauthority: change how JIT is disabled
jsauthority: JS::SetWarningReporter instead of JS_SetErrorReporter
jsauthority: add UTF8 suffix to renamed functions
jsauthority: pass "%s" format string to report functions
jsauthority: s/JSBool/bool/
jsauthority: s/jsval/JS::Value/
jsauthority: s/JSVAL_NULL/JS::NullValue()/
jsauthority: s/JSVAL_VOID/JS::UndefinedValue()/
jsauthority: s/OBJECT_TO_JSVAL/JS::ObjectValue/
jsauthority: s/STRING_TO_JSVAL/JS::StringValue/
jsauthority: s/BOOLEAN_TO_JSVAL/JS::BooleanValue/
jsauthority: JSVAL_TO_OBJECT (o) to o.toObjectOrNull()
jsauthority: JSVAL_TO_STRING (s) to s.toString()
jsauthority: JSVAL_IS_STRING (s) to s.isString()
jsauthority: JSVAL_IS_NULL (o) to o.isNull()
jsauthority: Fix up JS_CallFunctionName invocations
jsauthority: use InterruptCallback api instead of OperationCallback
jsauthority: redo how global objects are set up
jsauthority: root some locals to the context
jsauthority: adapt arguments for new JS::Compile API
jsauthority: adapt arguments for new JS_ExecuteScript API
jsauthority: use JS::Evaluate instead of JS_EvaluateScript
jsauthority: fix up set_property methods
jsauthority: stop using JS_GetStringCharsZ
jsauthority: switch from JS_ConvertArguments to JS::CallArgsFromVp
jsauthority: re-enable JIT
Port JavaScript authority to mozjs52
Rui Matos (1):
polkitpermission: Fix a memory leak on authority changes
Sebastien Bacher (1):
Support polkit session agent running outside user session
Stef Walter (2):
polkitagent: Fix access after dereference on hashtable
polkitagent: No double warnings in polkit_agent_listener_register()
Sven Eden (1):
configure: enable elogind support in PolicyKit
Yuri Chornoivan (1):
Add Ukrainian translation
enkore (1):
Fix abnomal formatting of authentication header lines
muzena (1):
Add hr.po
Thanks to our contributors.
Colin Walters and Miloslav Trmač,
April 2, 2017
polkit 0.113
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