Commit da35aa14 authored by David Zeuthen's avatar David Zeuthen

extend test coverage for PolKitAction

It's now at 100%. Yay me.
parent 1d037a7b
......@@ -257,6 +257,23 @@ _test_polkit_action (void)
g_assert (! polkit_action_validate_id (invalid_action_ids[n]));
PolKitAction *a;
char *s;
a = polkit_action_new ();
g_assert (! polkit_action_get_action_id (a, &s));
g_assert (polkit_action_set_action_id (a, "org.example.action"));
g_assert (polkit_action_validate (a));
polkit_action_ref (a);
g_assert (polkit_action_validate (a));
polkit_action_unref (a);
g_assert (polkit_action_set_action_id (a, "org.example.action2"));
g_assert (polkit_action_validate (a));
g_assert (polkit_action_get_action_id (a, &s));
g_assert (strcmp (s, "org.example.action2") == 0);
polkit_action_debug (a);
polkit_action_unref (a);
a = NULL;
return TRUE;
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