Commit c27e93f7 authored by Danny Kukawka's avatar Danny Kukawka

fixed compiler warning about uid_t handling

This fixes the same problem with uid_t as we had with HAL some time ago
on 64bit architectures in PolicyKit. This time I removed the useless check:

   uid == ((unsigned long) -1)

because this is always false on 64bit (comparison is always false due to
limited range of data type) and because the DBusError from the
dbus_bus_get_unix_user() call is set if the function returns DBUS_UID_UNSET
so we need only to check if the error is set.
parent 0d69cdc5
......@@ -389,7 +389,7 @@ polkit_caller_new_from_dbus_name (DBusConnection *con, const char *dbus_name, DB
session = NULL;
uid = dbus_bus_get_unix_user (con, dbus_name, error);
if (uid == ((unsigned long) -1) || dbus_error_is_set (error)) {
if (dbus_error_is_set (error)) {
g_warning ("Could not get uid for connection: %s %s", error->name, error->message);
goto out;
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