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- Add support for overriding defaults. Will require
- On every polkit_context_is_[caller|session]_authorized we load
all .policy XML files. This is bad. Dave Jones will kill us.
We should
......@@ -33,37 +30,18 @@
external API). This is mainly to be able to handle OOM for
mechanisms that will need this (such as dbus-daemon)
- add support for additional <match> attributes
in /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf
- <match timeofday="0900-1700">
Matches 9am through 5pm local time
- <match weekday="Mon-Fri">
Matches only on Monday->Friday both inclusive
- <match selinux_context="regexp">
Match on caller's SELinux context
- <match caller_exe="regexp">
Matches the path of the executable the caller stems from
- <match group="regexp">
Match on group
- <match session_active="true|false">
Only if the caller is in an active session (or not)
- Kill the config file
- <match seat_local="true|false">
Only if the caller is on a local seat (or not)
- Add support for granting authorizations to a) UNIX Groups; and
b) SELinux security contexts
... And of course the we need the ULTIMATE copout
- Add API and support in polkit-auth/polkit-action for maintaining
a list of entities for whom implicit authorizations do not apply.
(Typical example is that in a desktop OS one wants a UNIX group
for "Restricted Users". Another example is a guest account.)
- <match run_program="">
Run a program to make the decision; details are exported in the
environment. Program cannot assume to run as root or in a specific
security context; it will need to use a helper a'la
- Add API and support in polkit-auth/polkit-action to define what
administrator auth means.
- Reconsider adding k/v dictionaries to Actions; e.g. the Mechanism for
dial-up networking can attach the key/value pair
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