Commit 7d149b62 authored by David Zeuthen's avatar David Zeuthen

updated TODO list

parent 1b4fa91b
- Have someone review the external API
- Verify the security model
- Audit all code; especially the setgid polkit_user helper and setuid
root pam specific helper
- Granted privileges are currently world-visible; see
for details. This may just be a Fedora-ism. Alternatively, depending
on what the FHS says, punt it to the distros and ask them to clean
up the directories during boot?
- Add missing details to the spec document
- provide some real world examples e.g. how the example from
the PolicyKit-gnome app works. Preferably in tutorial form.
- more detailed description of the internals, e.g. the dirs
/var/lib/PolicyKit and /var/run/PolicyKit
- Clean up all man pages
- Polish the commandline tools (especially polkit-list-actions could
be nicer)
- Make sure API coverage is 100%
- Add support for overriding defaults. Will require
- On every polkit_context_is_[caller|session]_authorized we load
all .policy XML files. This is bad. Dave Jones will kill us.
We should
1. Suggest that a single .policy file only contains actions
with a given name space com.example.MyApp. We do this
by printing a big fat WARNING in polkit-policy-file-validate(1)
if it isn't the case.
2. We make the policy cache smart and look for the right .policy
file when called from the is_*_authorized path. If it aint there
or if it doesn't contain the given action we load all the
.policy XML files.
3. When we break ABI (for 1.0 or sooner) we turn the WARNING
from 1. into an ERROR and drop the "Load all XML files"
from the is_*_authorized path. Of course, other paths
(iterate over all declared actions; find action by
annotation) will still need to load the bulk of the files.
But normally only polkit-auth(1) and polkit-action(1)
and other management tools will ever do this.
- Write an extensive test suite
- Finish up documentation; in particular how results from
config files, defaults and authorizations play together
- Potentially drop the glib dependency (it's not visible in the
external API). This is mainly to be able to handle OOM for
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