Commit 6642ec69 authored by David Zeuthen's avatar David Zeuthen

make polkit-grant-helper-pam out of reach for normal users

Adds a little bit of more security..
parent 61b3adc5
......@@ -42,9 +42,12 @@ clean-local :
# polkit-grant-helper-pam need to be setuid root because it's used to
# authenticate not only the invoking user, but possibly also root
# and/or other users.
# and/or other users. As only polkit-grant-helper will invoke it
# we make it owned by the polkitiuser group and non-readable /
# non-executable to the world
-chown :$(POLKIT_GROUP) $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/polkit-grant-helper
-chmod 2755 $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/polkit-grant-helper
-chmod 4755 $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/polkit-grant-helper-pam
-chown :$(POLKIT_GROUP) $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/polkit-grant-helper-pam
-chmod 4750 $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/polkit-grant-helper-pam
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