Commit 49e3a102 authored by David Zeuthen's avatar David Zeuthen

avoid the now defunct group concept in polkit-list-actions

parent f2399d09
......@@ -59,26 +59,21 @@ _print_entry (PolKitPolicyCache *policy_cache,
void *user_data)
const char *action_id;
const char *group_id;
PolKitPolicyDefault *def;
PolKitResult default_inactive;
PolKitResult default_active;
action_id = polkit_policy_file_entry_get_id (pfe);
group_id = polkit_policy_file_entry_get_group_id (pfe);
def = polkit_policy_file_entry_get_default (pfe);
default_inactive = polkit_policy_default_get_allow_inactive (def);
default_active = polkit_policy_default_get_allow_active (def);
printf ("Policy\n"
"group = %s ('%s')\n"
"action = %s ('%s')\n"
"default_inactive = %s\n"
"default_active = %s\n"
polkit_policy_file_entry_get_group_description (pfe),
polkit_policy_file_entry_get_action_description (pfe),
polkit_result_to_string_representation (default_inactive),
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