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    gettext: switch to default-translate "no" · 32e9a69c
    Peter Hutterer authored
    The default appears to be to translate all entries. This rule never takes
    effect, the path to /action/message and /action/description is wrong (/action
    is not a root node). Since we wanted them to be translated, it doesn't matter.
    But it also translates all other tags (vendor, allow_any, etc.) and that
    causes polkit to be unhappy, it can't handle the various language versions of
    ** (polkitd:27434): WARNING **: Unknown PolkitImplicitAuthorization string
    Switch to a default of "no" and explicitly include the message and description
    strings to be translated.
    The patch was modified for PolicyKit by Ondrej Holy <oholy@redhat.com>.
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